Hello! I’m Andrew Pilloud!

My goal is to leave Seattle a better place for my daughter. I want a government that respects individuals and the community, not one that pushes politically charged mandates.

Our incumbent politicians are concerned only by a progressive challenger and as a result Seattle has experienced a gradual shift to the left. Instead of considering a common sense balanced approach, our representatives focus on progressive priorities. They have lost focus on core issues that matter to everyone: public safety, the cost of living, and homeless.

End Homelessness

Mental health and drug treatment are essential to us ending homelessness. Institutions for the mentally ill are mandate by our state constitution yet they suffer from chronic underfunding. I will work to ensure mental health is a priority in our budget.

Make Crime Illegal Again

Criminals belong in prison, not camping in school playgrounds. Our failure to enforce the law is attracting criminals to our community. We must support the police to protect the vulnerable.

During this campaign, I hope to correct misconceptions about what Republicans stand for. We are seen as the radical right but that is only a small portion of the party. Republicans don’t agree even among ourselves on many of the hard issues. We do agree on a basic premise: Republicans want to make our community a better place for everyone.

Inflation and the Economy

We started the year with record tax revenue, budgeted to spend it all, and still raised taxes. As our economy slips into a recession in 2023 our new carbon tax will further raise the price of gas and groceries for everyone. Climate change is real but we can’t let the “fix” cause more harm than the problem.

Solutions to Gun Violence

As a gun owner, I understand how our gun laws unfairly punish law­abiding citizens while failing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. We need to enforce our laws.

Medical Freedom for All

Life begins at conception, but it is not without risks. I will keep abortion safe and legal while protecting unborn babies. I got the COVID vaccine but believe everyone should have the freedom to choose not to be vaccinated, masked, or shutdown by government mandate.

Join Me

I am not a politician. My goal is to leave Seattle a better place for my daughter. I want a government that respects individuals and the community. I will focus on systemic problems, not new rules addressing every symptom. I will also strive to keep government fair, transparent, and working for you. I live in Arbor Heights with my wife Nora, daughter Sophie, and dog Jack. I enjoy spending time hiking in our beautiful forests and boating in the Puget Sound. I am a Seattle area native, fighting to make Washington the best place to live, but I need your help.

The 34th Legislative District was recently redistricted and now includes Downtown Seattle, SoDo, West Seattle, Georgetown, South Park, White Center, Burien, Vashon and Maury Islands. I live in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of West Seattle, more about me can be found in my bio.

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